Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tutorial Thursday - Surprise mini-album

Hey everyone! Stephanie from Team Friday with you today to share a surprise mini-album featuring a LOT of awesome La-La Land products! I found this kind of shape somewhere on the Web a loooooooong time ago, and decided it would make a cute mini-album of my cruise! 

The products you can spot: 

Now, don't hesitate when you see the number of sheets (4 sheets of 12"x12" cardstock); the shape only takes a few, and then you're off to decorate the panels with whatever your heart wishes!

Okay, so here's how you make the base. Take one sheet of 12"x12" cardstock and score it at 6" on each side. This gives you four corners. Then, cut through half of one of the lines that you just scored. Basically, you cut at 6" (wide) on 6" long (length). Next, score a diagonal in the top left corner of your sheet. Now, all you have to do is add some adhesive in the bottom right corner, fold everything, put the bottom right corner on top of the ladder accordingly and you will get a 3D panel. Do the same steps for three more sheets of 12"x12" cardstock in order to create the mini-album. 

If you're a visual person just like me, I've designed a little sketch for better understanding! 
p.s. the bottom left corner is obviously the panel who receives adhesive ;-)

The folding process ;-)

One panel done, three more to go!

All panels up, ready to be assemble together.

But first, decorating ;-) It's easier to embellish them flat before putting the mini-album all together.

When you're all done decorating, add adhesive on the exterior of panels to assemble them together as a mini-album. The first and last sides will be used as the covers of the mini-album. Add a piece of large ribbon on each of them, and complete with the covers on top.


Some examples of panels ready to receive pictures...

And the back of the mini-album.

I hope you like this kind of project as much as I do! Now, all I have to add is my pictures in it for great memories along my favourite products ;-)

Stephanie xxxx


  1. wow, wow, wow, Stéphanie, this is stunning, I love the theme as well!!!

  2. Fabulous album!! Love the fold out on each page, thanks so much for sharing!!