Thursday, June 13, 2013

Using La-La Land Crafts Dies in the Big Shot

 Hi everyone, Debbie here with a little tutorial for you on how to use the gorgeous La-La Land Crafts dies in the Big Shot. I'm fairly new to the Big Shot having had a much loved Cuttlebug sitting on my desk for years. As you can see by my cutting plates I do tend to do a wee bit of die cutting though and after I put my Cuttlebug out to pasture I decided to give the Big Shot a go. I'm a fairly visual learner so excuse all the photos - but they tell the story very well so you won't have to read too much from me ;)

This is what you need - the Big Shot with it's 2 plates and multipurpose platform, La-La Land dies, cardstock and a metal adaptor plate (optional). You can cut these dies without the metal plate - it's just become a habit for me to use it as I find it gives a better cut every time.

Lay the platform onto the Big Shot so you are using ALL the thicknesses.

Layer on the metal plate and then one of the plastic plates.

Lay your die with it's cutting side up on your plate and cover with cardstock.

Layer on your second plastic plate and that's it - sandwich done! Roll it through the Big Shot.

Lift out your die cut piece - note not all of the cut outs just drop away. 

I just use wooden skewer to gently push out the cut pattern pieces.

With my tree I managed to warp it slightly in my poor old Cuttlebug - I really hammered that machine!!! To get a clean cut out of all the details in the centre of the tree I need to pop on an extra layer of cardstock as a shim - see the white piece above. Hopefully you'll never need this hint but just in case.......

See the details are popping out just fine - now I'm off to keep going with it!

Some Big Shot hints from the DT....

- You can layer in some waxed paper between the die and cardstock to help all of the intricate little pieces fall away easier.
- Always have the die facing UP.
- If you need to you can use some low tack tape to keep the die in place, painter's tape or washi tape works fine.

I hope that helps a little....just remember to HAVE FUN and happy die cutting!



  1. Good tutorial, and great tips at the end. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial, strange I know, but I have just swapped my cuttlebug for a big shot too!!! So I was thrilled when I saw this post on your blog!

    Hugs Jan xxx

  3. What metal adaptor are you using?